Special Introductory Offer

List your mobile home / static caravan for 12 months for only £19.99 – normal price is £49 per year. Plus 40% Lifetime Discount

Offer closes Sunday 27th July 2024

If you would like more bookings for your mobile home / static caravan then this offer is not to be missed – not only can you try Mobilehomes4u for £19.99 for a whole year, we will give you a lifetime loyalty discount of 40% for future years so if you stay with us you will never pay more than £29.99 per year. See information below on why you should try us.

How to accept the offer

To take advantage of this offer simply complete payment with the Buy Now button. We will then contact you to get all the information we need to get your listing online.
Multiple Caravans – We offer generous discounts for listing more than one home.

Secure Paypal Payment

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You will be charged £19.99 (£29.99 for 2 caravans, £39.99 for 3) for your first year then in future years you will be charged £29.99 (£44.99 for 2 caravans, £59.99 for 3) per year (includes your 40% lifetime discount) should you wish to continue. You will NOT be billed automatically but will receive reminders before renewal so you have plenty of time to renew. Please note Paypal payments go to Tracker Computers Ltd, our parent company.
To pay by Paypal you do not need a Paypal account but if for any reason you can’t pay by Paypal please contact us to discuss other payment methods.

How will people find Mobilehomes4u when they are looking to hire a mobile home?

1. On Google. As SEO specialists we have had a lot of success getting websites onto the 1st page of Google and we have steadily moved up the rankings in Google, overtaking many established sites and have lots of 1st page results. Our Google traffic is growing every month and will continue to grow with our continued efforts.
2. While we get plenty of visitors to our site via normal Google searches, this is not our only way of attracting visitors. We advertise our site on various other popular websites and have various marketing campaigns running. We pay for various sponsored adverts (including Google Ads) that direct lots of visitors to the site and straight to the page where your caravan is listed. This is proving very successful for generating lots of booking enquiries and we monitor performance closely to ensure all listings get their fair of traffic and enquiries.
3. We have other innovative ideas (thinking outside the box) to increase visitors to the website – everything we do is geared towards getting you enquiries and bookings as this is how we’ll be judged.

What is so good about Mobilehomes4u website?

The site is very user friendly, easy to navigate, mobile friendly and will showcase your home very well. There are also advanced search and filtering options. We also plan to introduce many new features over the coming months to make the site even better – personalised availability calendars are now available. We are looking to continually improve and expand the site – we want to be the best.
Please note we have maximum limit on the number of adverts we will accept for each holiday park to ensure your caravan advert isn’t competing against 100 others as on some other websites. The limit varies depending on the size and popularity of the holiday park and will typically be around 10.

What have I to gain by accepting the 12 month introductory offer?

The obvious benefit will be enquiries and bookings – we are confident the site is just going to get more and more visitors and for such a small outlay for the first year it is surely worth trying. We are confident you will want to stay after the 1st year and as a reward for signing up now you will get a lifetime loyalty discount in subsequent years. So in future years you will only pay £29.99 (instead of £49) and be protected by price rises also. Great savings for those who have faith in us!

Why are you offering such a low price deal?

We are condfident that our listings will sell themselves at the full (but reasonable) price as our marketing campaigns and search engine rankings drive traffic to Mobile Homes 4u. We would like to give you the chance to try us out with a very small outlay – this way you get see the benefits with little risk and we are very confident you will stay with us after the first year.

What do I need to do to accept my special 12 month offer?

Simply complete the Paypal payment above and we will contact you for a little information then we’ll do all the hard work. We will put your listing together for you in a professional manner – if you advertise elsewhere we can use the information from there – please note we will NOT COPY advert text, we will just use the information. If we need any more information or images we will email you for it. For those not having any advertising elsewhere we will direct you to a simple form for you to fill in and we’ll do the rest.

If you need any more information feel free to contact us via our contact page.